Absolute Certainty-Even if He Has a Weapon

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Strategies HAVE to change when there is a weapon involved. Dive deep into the different approach and mindset that this takes, and learn many techniques to disarm an attacker with a weapon. You and your family can get to safety...WITH the weapon.

  • Effective Techniques: How I was able to save my own life through self-defense that actually WORKS

  • Peace Of Mind: The tactics I have used in REAL scenarios to maintain a position of leadership and control over ANY situation

  • Confidence: How to condition yourself to overcome the fear response

  • Savviness: How to adopt a mindset that SAFEGUARDS against an attack in the first place
  • Overcome and disarm MANY different types of knife attacks where you gain the upper hand and leave with the weapon

  • Use psychology and techniques to disarm MANY different gun attacks so you can make it home to your family safely

  • Gain the upper and and full control when an attacker approaches with a stick or bat