Become Your Own Shero

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Master the art of 'flipping the script' on an attacker!

1. Learn how to overcome the danger of an attacker picking you up, so you can get your feet back on the ground. That way you can effectively fend him off instead of being take to a secondary location where your chances of survival decrease dramatically. 

2. Did you know that there's an actual strategy to staying one step ahead of
an attacker? Learn how to catch him off guard in order to take advantage of his vulnerabilities, so that you can put him down even if you don't consider yourself strong. That way you'll have the ultimate confidence knowing that you can protect yourself even against a large male attacker.

3. Learn how to immediately take control back when a 'bad guy' grabs you by the hair, allowing you to gain the upper hand. You'll be able to capitalize on your self-defense strategies rather than being at his or her mercy, so you never have to deal with the aftermath of losing an attack.