Preventing Danger From Escalating

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The entire goal of self-defense is to stop an attack from worsening. You will master ways to get out of an attacker's grips, as well as, many other concepts that help you to be one step AHEAD of the attacker. He WON'T be expecting you to know this!

After completing this course, you'll know how to: 

  • Assess a potential attacker's intentions BEFORE he lays his hands on you
  • STOP an attack from worsening from the start
  • Master the art of deescalation by learning techniques for calming situations with attackers,
    situations like road rage and personal relationships
  • Break out of his grips to stop the attack from escalating whether he grabs your arm, your neck, and more
  • ​Gain the advantage by learning tricks to being one step AHEAD of an attacker
  • ​Incapacitate him quickly by rendering him immobile, so you can get away to safety