The Savvy Real Estate Agent Self-Defense

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Get the #1 Personal Safety Course Designed Specifically for Agents!
Never fear another open house by learning...

1. Valuable takeaways and strategies from another agent's dangerous encounter!
That way you don't have to learn the lessons the hard way, and you can prevent the devastating aftermath of an attack.

2. The brilliant methods for staying one step ahead of an attacker, so you catch him by surprise! You'll know how to catch him off guard in order to take advantage of his vulnerabilities, so that you can put him down even if you don't consider yourself strong. That way you'll have the ultimate confidence knowing that you can protect yourself even against a large male attacker.

3. To master several unique physical techniques that quickly give you the upper hand even if he has his hands around your neck or is on top of you! That way you can stay conscious, so you can actually USE these self-defense strategies and make it home safety to your family.

4. The many benefits and differences between self-defense tools, and how to strategically stage them to your advantage! That way you can make an educated decision as to which tools will give you, personally, the greatest advantage over an attacker, so you don't have to live in daily fear of being overcome by these dangerous situations.

5. A trick using technology that agents can use to get you out of a potentially
dangerous situation! That way you won't alert the attacker that you're onto him, which would have caused him to immediately escalate putting you
in harms way.

6. Several ways to de-escalate situations using verbal and psychological techniques! That way the danger never gets to the point where your physical well-being is at risk allowing you to remove yourself from the situation unscathed and being able to continue your career with confidence rather than fear.