Total Peace of Mind - The Complete Self-Defense Course

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All of Tiffany's Trainings in One Smashing Package!

In 10 minutes a day 3x/week, learn all aspects of self-defense & personal safety all in one course! From self-defense techniques to overcoming your own fear response to learning how to have the advantage over an intruder in your own home. You'll have the ultimate peace of mind knowing you can handle any dangerous situation!

    • The complete collection of Tiffany's Total Peace Of Mind self-defense trainings designed to take you step-by-step from beginner to advanced level self-defense skills

    • Peace of mind knowing you have a plan to handle the most common attack scenarios, so you can RESPOND rather than REACT 

    • The utmost confidence that you CAN escape the grip of an attacker no matter your size or strength 

    • Trello swipe file and quick-reference sheets to support you in getting the most out of the course material 

    • Quizzes and practice strategies to ensure you retain the knowledge and program the moves into your muscle memory, so you never forget them - even in moments of fear!

    • Mobile-friendly training platform, so you can learn at your own pace and access the course wherever, whenever! 

    • home staged with self-defense tools to ensure your environment is well equipped to help you fend off any intruder 

    • A strategic personal safety plan for your family, so each of you know exactly what to do if someone enters your home or approaches you in public 

    • A sense of security knowing your children know how to protect themselves from being selected as a victim and have the skills to fend off their own attacker 

    • Weekly support within the Fearless Academy, so you can ask questions and get clarification. (Yes, I’ve got your back! You will have all the support you need to easily learn how to protect yourself!) 

    • Access to a private Facebook community to ensure your personal safety and self-defense skills stay top of mind while connecting with a network of empowered women

    • Discounts on future live events and course offerings

      Best of all, you will not be a victim or a statistic!